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Project profile

Vocational education classroom: Focus on vocational online education qualification examination training and vocational skills training。

  • education

    Preschool teacher qualification certificate

    Elementary school teacher certificate

    Secondary school teacher certification

  • architecture

    Fire engineerI

    Cost engineerII

    Cost engineerI

    Fire service operator



  • accounting

    Junior accountant

    Junior economist

    Intermediate accountant

    Tax accountant

  • Economics

    Human Resource Manager Level II

    Human Resource Management Level III

    Human Resource Manager Level 4

  • Medical

    Child-care worker

    Primary nurse

    Health manager


    Licensed pharmacist

    Supervisor nurse

  • Language

    Common English Level 3

    Cet-4 and CET-6

    Degree English tutor

  • software

    National computer Level 1

    Information technology processor

  • Public

    Junior social worker

  • Finance


    Securities practice

    Fund practitioner

    Futures practitioners

Excellent curriculum system ● Advanced promotion

Preview and summarize key knowledge points before class, have a basic grasp and understanding of important knowledge points of the course, and lay a good foundation for later learning
According to the exam textbook and outline, the specific contents and examples of each chapter are explained in detail, and each course has chapter exercises to achieve a comprehensive grasp, consolidate basic knowledge and deeply understand the key and difficult points of the exam
Through the content of the new outline, the key questions of the examination combined with the knowledge of the problem solving ideas, answer skills explanation, comment, concentrate the proposition point, the essence. Improve the students' ability to take the test on the spot, and at the same time check the students' knowledge system
Explain the relevant key content of the exam in detail, analyze and explain the real questions over the years, and predict the content of this year's exam to play a finishing role in the examination of students
Detailed examination questions over the years, systematic review of important test points to summarize easy mistakes, improve answering skills


Famous teachers record and broadcast online classes

Standard teaching process

Professional teaching and research team together with industry senior teachers to develop and maintain the curriculum, develop standard teaching procedures to promote scientific teaching。

Hd video course

Industry-leading high-definition video courses, professional recording rooms, TV cameras, to create professional high-quality online courses。

Famous teachers excellent courses

Strictly select the industry famous teachers to teach, famous teachers to help, quality online courses, strengthen the teaching effect。

Live class of real questions of famous teachers

Live class of real questions of famous

Big coffee online detailed examination questions over the years, explain the test point question type, improve test-taking skills

Famous teachers talk live class before the exam

Famous teachers sprint to talk live before the exam, directly hit the core test points, breakthrough points

Intelligent learning module  ● Make learning more efficient intelligent learning modules

  • Offline cache
    Watch lessons offline
    Let learning be no longer limited
  • Practice test
    Mock test time, real question
    Summary analysis predicts the score, the exam is more leisurely
  • summary
    Knowledge point
    Practice summary, learn something
  • Chapter
    All the test centers were wiped out
    Review the old and learn the new
  • Error edition
    Practice wrong questions repeatedly
    Know the key points by heart
  • Answer questions
    24 hours professional teacher online answer questions
    Keep the doubt alive
  • Sprint exercise
    Test sprint
    Aim for 70% hit rate in practice
  • Favorites
    Collect learning videos and practice questions
    Important knowledge points review, easy to find

Continuing education and training

It is a continuing education base of finance and accounting specialty approved by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau of Guangzhou. Continuing education for professional and technical personnel refers to an additional education for professional and technical personnel to update, supplement, expand and improve professional knowledge and skills. Its main task is to enable professional and technical personnel to continuously learn new theories, new technologies, new methods, new skills, new information and new knowledge in combination with their own work, improve knowledge structure, improve innovation ability and professional and technical level. It is a necessary condition for professional and technical personnel to participate in the evaluation of professional titles, the annual assessment and evaluation, and the appointment of professional and technical positions。

Open a course

Household plan customization and agency services

What are the ways to enter a household in Guangzhou? How to enter Guangzhou? Can Guangzhou enter the household agent?



Point entry

Skill entry

School district housing policy information consulting services

Children want to go to kindergarten, primary school, how to choose the school district room?

What are the district housing conditions?

The latest school district housing policy changes?

Should not buy a school district house?

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