Graduate program Introduction

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National recruitment of graduate students

Royal Institute of Technology Panakhon University

Entry requirements

  • Recognized by the state

    A person with a bachelor's degree

  • After obtaining the diploma of higher vocational college

    Personnel with 2 years or more

  • I have a master's degree

    Or a doctoral degree

Registration process

  • Fill in information

    September 16 to October 25

  • pre-registration

    September 24-27 every year

  • Formal registration

    September 24-27 every year

  • Online confirmation

    Actual schedule

  • download-ticket

    December 10-27 every year

Popular major

Fully understand the popular majors, so that your choice is more secure

  • Major in business administration
  • Education major
  • Finance major
  • Accounting major
  • Administration major

Registration advantage

The examination subject content is simple, only two subjects, English II and management comprehensive knowledge. Management comprehensive knowledge includes mathematics, logic and writing three pieces, mathematics is the difficulty of middle and high school. And math and logic are multiple choice questions。

Employment direction

Civil servants, university teachers, senior management of various enterprises

Registration advantage

No math. There is no math in the exam subjects, which is friendly to many students who are not good at math or liberal arts.

Employment direction

Take the exam for editing, go to school as a teacher, or go to a publishing house or newspaper to engage in the planning and editing of educational books

Registration advantage

The industry has high requirements for academic qualifications. There is a big gap between the rich and the poor in the financial industry, and if you graduate with a master's degree, you will have more opportunities to choose a better career, and your salary will be better.

Employment direction

He is mainly engaged in financial business and management work in the banking system, schools and scientific research institutions

Registration advantage

The test subjects are simple. There are only two exam subjects for the master of accounting, that is, comprehensive ability of management and English II, with a full score of 300。

Employment direction

Can be engaged in financial supervision, tax supervision, tax agency, asset evaluation, visa services, accounting services and other work。

Registration advantage

No math. Mathematics is easy to open the gap between everyone, and cross-professional students will first consider whether to test mathematics when choosing a major.

Employment direction

A wide range of employment, master can work in major enterprises, institutions or government agencies after graduation.

Course module

A variety of courses to make your exams easier

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Learning process

Perfect learning process, so that you can see at a glance

Three stages, for you to customize the most suitable postgraduate entrance exam program
Introduction to Royal Institute of Technology Panakon University

School location

    RMUTP,The university consists of four campuses: Thewes Campus, Chotiwet Campus, Bangkok Business Campus and North Bangkok Campus. RMUTP offers vocational certificate programs in business subjects. RMUTP offers the Faculty of Liberal Arts, the Faculty of Science and Technology, the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Industrial Education,

    In addition, RMUTP offers master's programs in the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Industrial Education, the Faculty of Home Economics and the Faculty of National Administration. For doctoral programs, there are also the Faculty of Business Administration, the Faculty of Engineering, the Faculty of Home Economics and Technology, and the National School of Administration.

Enrollment major

Note: Tuition and fees are subject to Thai Baht. Tuition and fees include tuition, books, registration fees for international students, and international studentsManagement fee; Visa fee, accommodation fee, transportation fee and overseas insurance fee are not included.

Undergraduate course
Tuition details:First year payment: 480,000 Baht (about 98,000 yuan)    Second year payment: 127,500 baht (about 26,000 yuan)    Third year payment: 127,500 baht (about 26,000 yuan)
Tuition details:First year payment: 470,000 Baht (about 90,000 to 100,000 yuan)    Second year payment: 148,000 baht (about 30,000-40,000 yuan)
Tuition details:First year payment: 570,000 Baht (about 120,000-130,000 yuan)    Second year payment: 372,500 baht (about 70,000-80,000 yuan)    Third year payment: 372,500 baht (about 70,000-80,000 yuan)

School research results

A university that trains outstanding skilled personnel

The QS Accreditation Department, through rigorous and independent data collection and using the performance indicators specified in the QS Star Method of analysis, has awarded RMIT Panakhon a 3-star University.

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